Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prayer Request

Hey whoever is out there,

Just asking for a prayer request! Been going through some tough stuff recently and D and I had a bump in the road. Anyways, I'm also feeling discourage that no one is commenting!! COMMENT!!!! hahaha, so we know you're looking at our blogs :P lol
Anyway, I'll write later bye!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God didn't create school!!!

Hey its AB here,

I would have to say that I prayed for the first time in a long time this mornig. Lately I've been feelig really stressed out with school and its starting to show in what I do and how I handle things with DP.
Well.. lately I've been really stresse out with the fact that mom told me if i gt any C's on this report card that I'll be grounde from seeing DP on the week days... and that just annoys me so much. Its quie inconsiderate of her to say that when he's leaving next year!! ground me from something else! But i still have been busting my tail end to try and get good enough grades. And now my algebra grade is the hardest things for me! 'll try my best butI still fall behind the line, me and math hate each other in short. It doesn't help much that I have a quiz this morning. I did study for it, but the teacher taught this to us a day ago, when really its suppose to stretch over a course of four days. I'm stressing out, and my AP Language teacher has been no help at all in the class, and I now havea B because of her failure to help us properly on small projects.
Well, I prayed to God today to give me the strength to deal with these things. He heard me because I felt that peace that I really did need. I just hope it lasts.

I'll be talking to you guys later,
God Bless

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been forever since we've last posted! Totaly our fault! I'm soo sorry for the delay, I guess I've been too wrapped up in my school :P
anyway, I've been up to selecting my courses for the new year, I have to take AP art, as it only comes as a two year course. Also I'm looking into, AP US history, AP European History, AP Literary, and then of course AP Art. So many !!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe, well I have to justicfy my reasons of course...
Ok...here it goes
AP Art: wanna do something with art, and its a great chance to challange myself..
AP Lit: reading inbetween the lines... and tryingt o understand the more in depth of the story
AP US: as far as i'm concerned I'm a US citizen and need to know my history in depth
AP Euro: The teacher that is teaching that course is really good, and the context covered really does interrest me
also... I wanna take AP Psychology outside of school... mainly wanna take this course because I might want to do something like ebcoming a therapist or doing art therpy.

So many things to do!
There's also soo many choices in what to do for a career!!! I can't make up my mind but it might be Costume Design... I've always been inspired to make princess robes etc... but after watching the oscars I was more inspired.. that right now is my top choice to what i want to do...

I'll talk to u later bye!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Writing Piece 1#

Hey everyone!!

well, I've been wanting to put a piece of my writing on here.. so here is my first one, I wrote it up a few days ago. Oh, I want to mention, my pieces are usually dark or eeyerie hehe. They're usually about a dark character discovering the light or a hero defeating evil. For once I just chose a random character and started to write with him. Please let me know what you think!!

The night rang with silence and the little pedigen fat with gruesome food it scrapped off the trampled ground flap its weak little wings to raise its chubby body off the ground and to fly into the unknown. The soft breeze came to gather the man’s clothes and the slipped away, leaving only a trace of a cold chill down his spine.
He stood there with nothing to do and nowhere to go. His eyes were turned toward the horizon, studying the shadow the grey clouds cast over the gloomy city. He studied the shadows that twisted to fit into the tightest corners. He studied the stray cat that scurried its frail body to hide in the gutter. He studied and wondered. Who died?
Then he was sent off. His black greasy hair bouncing thickly in the chill breeze. His eyes were narrow slits with a glint of malice that shined like white teeth in the shadow and his hands were bunched in his ragged picket and his shoulders were hunched as though pushing against the wind that wasn’t there.
He was only seventeen years of age. He lived far from the city in a log three story houses that sat cupped in a valley. Nature touched all corners of his house he shared with his parents, but there was something about that house that was different, as for that however, that will be a different time.
He didn’t travel here on a foot, nor did he hitch hike with a fat truck driver with chew tobacco. He didn’t take a cab here ether because no driver would know where his house was. Instead he took his Volvo; his mustang would be saved for a more pleasurable day.
The interesting thing is, he thought harshly while listening to the metal on his shoes scrap against the stone as he walked and his robes playing with the slight breeze. He never knew his parents, nor did he have any desire. He knew how they looked thanks to the portraits that lined one of the hallways. He knew one had a taste for Asian decorations while another had a taste in African status. An odd taste for mixture, yes. He couldn’t ask the servants about them. They were mute or at least pretended to be and he saw a new face every day. However the story of the reason why will be for later.

(i'll be getting a fanfiction account soon)



Monday, February 23, 2009

Fitness is Good!!!

Good Evening!!! Hope you lot have had a blessed day! I know I have!!

Just a few hours ago, I had my rugby practice, and on Mondays, they're fitness training!!! AB was there to see me dying, so now she's got a preview of what I'll be like when I'm about to die of exhaustion!

But, the truth is, I love fitness training, they hurt, painful, annoying, and many other demeaning words can be said of it. HOWEVER, I always feel really good after these fitness sessions, and plus, if you're unfit, you won't be able to enjoy sports as much! I would know, because I think I'm unfit, and I would like to get back to a really good fitness level, I would like to represent Indonesia at Rugby for years to come, and the competition for a spot in the squad is getting tougher every year! It's great to see that, how Indonesian Rugby has grown the past few years, get more information about us on www.indonesianrugby.com

I'm fitness training for the upcoming Asian 5 Nations Tournament between Indonesia, Phillipines, Guam and Iran in Manila in July, I'm really looking forward to it, this is a higher division tournament than the one we've always been playing at. It's also going to be my second trip to Manila! I'm excited, I really am, I guess you can tell by now...

There is something that I always do before a big game, I pray on the way to the game, and on the pitch just before the whistle blows, and also, I write "Phil 4:13" on either my jersey, or on my arm, just to remind myself, Phillipians 4:13 says : "I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength." I think that athletes, or anyone for that matter, should realise that their strength, and their achievements are nothing other than God's blessing! One can wish to do whatever they want to, but without the approval of God, that will never happen.

Hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy writing all my posts.

Good Night, and God Bless You all



I guess I should write this in word first. Hehe, I’m a terrible speller!! Anyway, Yes! This is my first post saying that today is DNA’s official 14 months! Haha, I was just discussing with him about I can actually remember how he asked me out, the night before my geometry exam :P. That’s for another time though. Another important thing to mention though, for most high school relationships 14 months is a really long time, especially for us who have been through a lot (they don’t usually make it XP). Yet, God really helped deliver us all this way. Yes we have fallen out at times with him, and yes we have slipped up quite a few times but our life isn’t over just yet, nor is God’s purpose with that. And that ladies and gentlmen is when things will become sooo excieting, hehe I can’t wait!!!!! <3>

Fascinating 23rd

Good morning folks, today is the 23rd of February, 2009. Sure, it's just another day to most of us, but to AB and I, it's not that simple. Today is our best friend's birthday!

But, other than just wishing her a happy birthday today, today is also the day marking 14 months of AB and I being together. It's quite unnerving to know that the number 23 in our life has been one filled with happiness. The number 23 has been associated by many deaths, from the 9-11 incident which has 9+11+2+0+0+1=23 to Kurt Kobain's death in 1994 - 1+9+9+4=23 and even to the assasination account of Julius Cesar who was said to have been stabbed 23 times.

In our life however, the number 23 is associated to the following: 23rd November is my birthday; 23rd January is AB's birthday; 23rd December is our anniversary; 23 is the number when you add up my car's plate number; 23 is the number when you add up my phone number; 2 of our best friends were born on a 23rd, one in February and one in August. It all sounds freaky isn't it? I just hope that I don't have 23 babies!!!

But, the number 23 in the bible is what really fascinates us! The most famous and most quoted bible extract is perhaps the Psalm 23,
"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters..."

Psalm is also the 23rd book of the bible. The 23rd verse of the first chapter in Genesis deals with the creation of life, where as the 23rd chapter in Genesis deals with death. But one Bible verse with the number 23 that really caught my attention is in Numbers 32:23 "But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the LORD; and you may be sure that your sin will find you out."

That bible verse is a clarification of what Numbers 32 meant to say; that promises are important to God, and that your sins cannot be hidden, that it will come back to get you. So be careful you say I promise, because promises that doesn't seem important to us, is actually of a high significant to God!

That is all for this morning post, now I have time to go get breakfast! :)

Love and God Bless


Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Post!!!

DP - First post is always the hard one, it's great that we have decided to keep a blog, our life story is a great one, and we know that it's great just because God has something to do with it, and now, we want you guys to know about it!

This is the first post, one of many, many more to come, we promise to be as regular as we can in regards to posting our stories, and trust me, we have plenty of those! Our life is always very eventful! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am starting this blog together with AB, she's been great at persuading me, but tell you the truth, I didn't need persuassion, I really want to be able to share HIS Love to everyone!!! That's all from me for now folks, will see you lot soon!

God Bless

AB- Hello
I’m excited about this to for our blog I mean. It seems to me that D pretty much did the best entry, just gonna say that I can’t wait to tell you my stories!!
God bless