Monday, February 23, 2009


I guess I should write this in word first. Hehe, I’m a terrible speller!! Anyway, Yes! This is my first post saying that today is DNA’s official 14 months! Haha, I was just discussing with him about I can actually remember how he asked me out, the night before my geometry exam :P. That’s for another time though. Another important thing to mention though, for most high school relationships 14 months is a really long time, especially for us who have been through a lot (they don’t usually make it XP). Yet, God really helped deliver us all this way. Yes we have fallen out at times with him, and yes we have slipped up quite a few times but our life isn’t over just yet, nor is God’s purpose with that. And that ladies and gentlmen is when things will become sooo excieting, hehe I can’t wait!!!!! <3>

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