Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Post!!!

DP - First post is always the hard one, it's great that we have decided to keep a blog, our life story is a great one, and we know that it's great just because God has something to do with it, and now, we want you guys to know about it!

This is the first post, one of many, many more to come, we promise to be as regular as we can in regards to posting our stories, and trust me, we have plenty of those! Our life is always very eventful! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am starting this blog together with AB, she's been great at persuading me, but tell you the truth, I didn't need persuassion, I really want to be able to share HIS Love to everyone!!! That's all from me for now folks, will see you lot soon!

God Bless

AB- Hello
I’m excited about this to for our blog I mean. It seems to me that D pretty much did the best entry, just gonna say that I can’t wait to tell you my stories!!
God bless

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