Tuesday, March 17, 2009

God didn't create school!!!

Hey its AB here,

I would have to say that I prayed for the first time in a long time this mornig. Lately I've been feelig really stressed out with school and its starting to show in what I do and how I handle things with DP.
Well.. lately I've been really stresse out with the fact that mom told me if i gt any C's on this report card that I'll be grounde from seeing DP on the week days... and that just annoys me so much. Its quie inconsiderate of her to say that when he's leaving next year!! ground me from something else! But i still have been busting my tail end to try and get good enough grades. And now my algebra grade is the hardest things for me! 'll try my best butI still fall behind the line, me and math hate each other in short. It doesn't help much that I have a quiz this morning. I did study for it, but the teacher taught this to us a day ago, when really its suppose to stretch over a course of four days. I'm stressing out, and my AP Language teacher has been no help at all in the class, and I now havea B because of her failure to help us properly on small projects.
Well, I prayed to God today to give me the strength to deal with these things. He heard me because I felt that peace that I really did need. I just hope it lasts.

I'll be talking to you guys later,
God Bless

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