Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's been forever since we've last posted! Totaly our fault! I'm soo sorry for the delay, I guess I've been too wrapped up in my school :P
anyway, I've been up to selecting my courses for the new year, I have to take AP art, as it only comes as a two year course. Also I'm looking into, AP US history, AP European History, AP Literary, and then of course AP Art. So many !!!!!!!!!!!!
hehe, well I have to justicfy my reasons of course...
Ok...here it goes
AP Art: wanna do something with art, and its a great chance to challange myself..
AP Lit: reading inbetween the lines... and tryingt o understand the more in depth of the story
AP US: as far as i'm concerned I'm a US citizen and need to know my history in depth
AP Euro: The teacher that is teaching that course is really good, and the context covered really does interrest me
also... I wanna take AP Psychology outside of school... mainly wanna take this course because I might want to do something like ebcoming a therapist or doing art therpy.

So many things to do!
There's also soo many choices in what to do for a career!!! I can't make up my mind but it might be Costume Design... I've always been inspired to make princess robes etc... but after watching the oscars I was more inspired.. that right now is my top choice to what i want to do...

I'll talk to u later bye!!!

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